Instagram Clone


Build a clone of Instagram using Rails. You'll need users who can post pictures, write comments on pictures and like a picture. Style it like Instagram's website.

User Stories:

As a User
So that I can view my friends' pictures
I want to sign up to Instagram

As a User
So that I can share my own pictures
I want to post a picture with a title

As a User
So that I can easily find the most recently made posts
I want to view all posts in chronological order

As a User
So that I can get more information about a post
I want to see the post's author, time it was posted and all its comments

As a User
So that I can show how much I like a post
I want to 'like' a post

As a User
So that I can share my own thoughts
I want to comment on a post

My Approach

I set myself a target for this project which was to make the app function and look as close as possible to the real Instagram website. I wanted to challenge and prove to myself that I could build something similar to an app that is already being used on a large scale.

There were two practices that I focused on while building this project. The first was to take an agile approach. For this reason I broke the app down to the above user stories and then worked on each one individually (in a TDD approach of couse). This way I could build the app feature-by-feature.

The second practice that I focused heavily on was git flow i.e. the agile approach of version control. To achieve this, I always created a separate git branch (from master) for each new feature. I then made all commits to this separate branch and only once all tests had passed for that feature did I then merge that branch into master. This had significantly improved my git flow skills.

Once the app was fully built and tested I then worked on the styling. I wanted to make the app look exactly like Instagram and I'm glad to say that this has been achieved. I had used HTML, CSS, Sass and Bootstrap to complete the front-end.

As for data storage, I had integrated Amazon's AWS/S3 service in order to store the images.

Directory Structure

├── app/
│   ├── controllers/
│   │   ├── application_controller.rb
│   │   ├── comments_controller.rb
│   │   ├── posts_controller.rb
│   │   └── likes_controller.rb
│   │
│   ├── models/
│   │   ├── comment.rb
│   │   ├── like.rb
│   │   ├── post.rb
│   │   └── user.rb
│   │

App Usage and Features

Snapshots of the app's features can be found on GitHub.

Demo App

Visit the link below to see a live version of the app.

Instagram Clone App

Download Instructions

Follow the below instructions on your terminal to download the app:

$ git clone
$ cd instagram_clone
$ bundle
$ bin/rake db:create
$ bin/rake db:migrate
$ rails s
(visit localhost)